The Golden Harp of Joel Andrews
A Harp Full of Stars-Journey of A Music Healer

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Miracles Through Music
The Odyssey of a Music Healer

by Joel Andrews

This inspiring book brings rich revelations with spiritual insights and principles. It reveals how music can heal - a technique learned by Joel Andrews as he traveled the world playing the harp, and this is the art we learn how to apply as we follow him in his journey. In this book a renowned harpist, whose music doctors use to assist patients and Norman Shealy calls "the most transcendent", has helped us discover our own healing abilities.

It is a perfect addition for musicians, music therapists, harpists, psychics, artists, creative people and spiritual seekers in all walks of life.

“The music of Joel Andrews evokes a purity and radiance of the celestial realms that is rarely heard or experienced here on Earth…. His music immediately raises one’s energy and vibrations to the realms of Supernal Light.” – Aoliah

“This is an amazing book! Filled with beams of light radiating higher truths. Every chapter opened new worlds for me. I have heard Joel Andrews play in Concert and have been transformed. I had no idea his book would reveal such a rich spectrum of miracles.”
- Sophia Brooks, Harpist, Teacher

“His music is some of the most transcendent I have experienced.
We use it frequently to assist patients in entering all states of consciousness.”
– C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Best Selling CDs

Ave Maria
Gloria For Gaia

Golden Harp

embodies the extraordinary music and services of Joel Andrews, world- renowned harpist,
composer, author and pioneer music healer
of America.
His vision is to bring all the peoples of the world together in peace and harmony through the healing power of music.
He does this through concerts, seminars, lectures, individual healing sessions, counseling and the distribution of CDs and books.

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